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14 Nov 2016 - General

A 28 years old male presented with complaints of excessive dandruff on his scalp. He told about palpable plaques of dandruff. On examination, palpable erythematous plaques with fine diffuse scaling were found within the hair-bearing scalp. There is a clear demarcation at the hair margin. The lesions are not itchy, there is no tenderness.There are  no lesions in other parts of the body. He gave the history of using Ketoconazole enriched shampoo and local antifungal-steroid  ointment for this problem. But there was no response to those drugs, What is  your probable diagnosis? How will you treat this case?

Thanks everyone for your participation in this discussion. This is a case of Scalp Psoriasis. In many cases , the scales produced in Scalp Psoriasis are fine and defuse ,making it difficult to differentiate from seborrheic dermatitis. But, seborrheic...
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Good morning Dr.Md Shamim Reza. I am guessing it is as Seborrheic dermatitis based on erythematous plaques. Ii is an autoimmune and environmental disease. I dont have answer for why he is not cured with antifungal. But I can guess Corticosteroids, to...
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