The biggest supermoon in 68 years is happening tonight

The biggest supermoon in 68 years is happening tonight

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A photo posted by ABC News (@abcnews) on Oct 16, 2016 at 7:05pm PDT   In the words of the timeless film Coyote Ugly, none of us are tru
14 Nov 2016 - General
Yesterday, me and my partner been waiting for the supermoon to appear. And unfortunately, we don't get the chance to see even a single shade of the moon mainly because it rained. :( it is really quite sad and disappointing since we've been waiting and talking about it since we had our coffee in the afternoon. However, i am glad with the power of internet though i haven't seen it personally, i am still happy that i have seen it through this. Well, i guess better luck next time is the...
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Oh I missed the opportunity too. I really feel bad for myself. I am also very keen on astrology and astrophysics. This would have been a once in a lifetime chance. Reading the title of the article, the first thing that came to my mind was the avatar cartoon. Has any of you guys watched it. I saw the cartoon so long back so I don;t remember exactly, but if I remember right the ability to blend blood comes with the dawn of the blood moon. I think this super moon also resembles the blood moon in t...
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I was on duty last night when a fellow doctor was reading about this online. I meant to slip outside to have a look though I totally forgot as I swamped myself with logging admissions. Garrr. I looked outside just now as it said it is there Sunday and Monday night but I can't seem to find the moon. I looked outside the windows of my house from all different corners and can't seem to find the gigantic moon. The sky is clear enough to see stars though. Oh well I shall wait another 19 years...
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