Doctors Grow Ear on Patient's Arm

Doctors Grow Ear on Patient's Arm

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Doctors have been growing an ear for transplant on a patient's arm. The man, identified only as Ji, was involved in a car accident where he lost his right ear a year ago. He has been receiving treatment from a reconstructive surgery expert, Guo Shuzhong of First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.
14 Nov 2016 - General
Initially I was like, "What?!? An ear on an arm?" But reading through the article, I realize that yes, Science has really completely made impossible things happen. In the past, if you lose a part of your body, that's it but reconstructive surgery has totally outdid itself. I look forward to see what other great things we'll be able to do in the future---it's truly amazing. One time in Greys Anatomy they did a story about a girl who burned her face, and I know it's tv dr...
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Inventions run science. This is definitely can be called as a miracle. Even though hearing is preserved most of the people who are with congenital developmental missings of the ear lobes suffer because of the cosmetic conciousness. I have seen that some patients following road traffic accidents or burns who have got lost the epidermis and the dermis. They are surgically managed by skin grafts and allowing a long term contact of a healthy skin anywhere else in the body. But this is the first time...
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Haha the title of this article is funny and amazing at the same time. It's great how far we have come in terms of regaining functional capacity after debilitating illnesses and trauma. 10 years back, someone who lost a part of the body due to an accident would have had to live the rest of their lives missing that part. But nowadays almost every part of the body can be reconstructed. I heard that surgeons are planning the world's first head transplant in the near future. I hope this techn...
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It is interesting to know that plastic surgery has extended their studies and made many things possible. Thanks to Science. It is tragic to find out that Ji lost his ear during an accident and thanks to these plastic surgeons, he can still look normal even with a replica of an ear. I wonder what else could be grown on a person's skin. Such wonders can benefit many and can provide a normal life for those who are in need. We are lucky to have a proper looking face and all, but those who are no...
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