How to become a surgeon, which field of surgery is right for you?

How to become a surgeon, which field of surgery is right for you?

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Find out what character traits great surgeons have, the different types of surgeons, what types of surgery exist, and complications of surgery
14 Nov 2016 - General
I agree that spending "few years of general practice" before obtaining a formal training is not very wise. For one, surgical training programs have the longest duration of training among all specializations. I am not sure how it is like for other countries, but here, general surgery is a pre-requisite for any surgical subspecialty. That means that an application should apply to a general surgical program first, and finish the minimum number of years that is require prior to being eligi...
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This was quite interesting to read. The saying to have yourself psychologically tested to evaluate your IQ was quite harsh. Though intelligence required a person of average intelligence who is diligent will do just as well as one with superior intelligence who puts in average effort. Mostly I agree with the what is needed to become a surgeon especially of having to respect the human body, loving anatomy, ability to work under pressure and so on. For what should be done before entering surgery it...
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