Pharmacists: how to pitch for that 32 hour work week

Pharmacists: how to pitch for that 32 hour work week

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Many pharmacists work long hours and rotating shifts, suffering from burnout or other health issues related to work as a result of the commitment being a pharmacist entails. Why not try pitching for a 32-hour work week to your employer?
14 Nov 2016 - General
Pharmacists have to go through patient care rotation and have to complete pre-registration pharmacist training to get a valid license. It has been seen there is a considerable number of pharmacists who are leaving the profession willingly or unwillin...
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This post gives a valid information how to work with an organisation and colleagues. From this tips one can work very freely without pressures. Working for extra days we can avail a compensatory leave as you told. How you manage work place. Thanking ...
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I think this is doable, especially if your workplace isn’t understaffed, and you have a valid reason for wanting to put in a shorter work week. People today are much more open-minded than before, and work cultures are evolving. If you really want a s...
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