Fatal familial insomnia: Siblings inherit rare sleep-preventing disease

Fatal familial insomnia: Siblings inherit rare sleep-preventing disease

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A pair of siblings have inherited a rare fatal disease that prevents them from ever sleeping again, and they do not know when it will strike.
15 Nov 2016 - General
Ow. Such a depressing article indeed. This is such an unfortunate for those families who had this very rare type of disease. I can't even imagine myself who can't sleep for almost 48 hours. How much more if one has this kind of disease? However, thank you for sharing this article Madhubabu kaaja ! This is another new knowledge gained. Fatal familial insomnia or called as FFI is really scary since up to now...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan it is very scary disorder to hear about man died without sleeping after 6 months and rare disorder to treat also. As you told research on psychological rare disease in pharma industry is not up to the mark as per current trends which I was observed. It is easy some times as it is a genetically linked, cases where previous history of the family found may be benificial, if not available ...
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This is quite a scary disorder to have! Knowing that you inherited a rare disease that would cause death later on is like living with a rope hanging over your head. Hopefully researchers find a cure immediately for the sake of the patients. Though since these are very rare cases, research on such diseases could possibly be slower, however, its good to now that there is a pioneering study at the University of California looking into this. Maybe there could be a treatment found, or even just somet...
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