6 Reasons You Need More Sun, According To Science

6 Reasons You Need More Sun, According To Science

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How to get the proven benefits of sunlight—safely.
15 Nov 2016 - General
A recent research was carried out to determine the effects of sunlight on human health and the results of research are in accordance with researcher’s expectations. Underexposure to sunlight is associated with several health risks because the sunshine has happy effects on the mental health of an individual and it is helpful in bettering. Further studies have shown that sufficient sunlight exposure has cardiovascular benefits. As we all know sunlight aids the vitamin D production that is crucial ...
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WOW!! There are so many benefits of sunlight. I really didn't know all of them. Thanks for sharing something new.
Sunlight is the source of all energy on the earth. It is required for our health too. We all need sun exposure to produce endogenous vitamin D. Beside this it enhances our mood, promote immunity and many more. But ,be careful that excessive sun exposure may not be good for heath. There is a risk of skin cancer by ultraviolet radiation. Many disease like psoriasis may be agg...
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The benfits of sunlight are many. Sunrays are a natural source of vitamin D and as now winter has come, many f us may be missing the chance of taking a sunbath. In many countries, where it is difficult to even see the sun during winters, many people have to survive on vitamin D supplements. Moreover, sunlight has a natural effect on depression and mood disorders. Daily sunlight can help improving the mental health. This is why, many of us feel a bit sad during winters, at least this is the case ...
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