Human experimentation: Ethical guidelines are not foolproof

Human experimentation: Ethical guidelines are not foolproof

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Most of today’s clinical research has to be cleared by an ethics committee and adhere to guidelines but drug companies sometimes try to circumvent ethical guidelines by conducting clinical trials in countries with lax regulations.
16 Nov 2016 - General
Clinical research is a very important area in medicine, for the on-going advancement of medical knowledge, and to discover new treatment with better efficacy. Ethical issue is always an importance issue to be addressed in every clinical research. A clinical research cannot be undertaken without the approval of appropriate ethical committees. Whenever we design a clinical research, we should always try to consider and address each potential ethical issue in our research. Research that is infringi...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz thank you for sharing this article to be discussed, I wish there is an encouragement for researches and researchers in every field all over the world.
I don't mind if there are some restrictions to control those who just care about gaining money and mis use the governmental resources but these restrictions shouldn't disable the others from continuing their researches.
It is a ver...
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Public concern about misconduct in research first surfaced in the early 1980’s following reports of cases of egregious misbehavior. The public and their professional colleagues expect researchers to follow many rules and commonly accepted practices as they go about their work advancing knowledge and putting knowledge to work. Research misconduct has understandably received considerable public attention. Researchers who act dishonestly waste public funds, harm the research record, distort the res...
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The world of research in general and the medical research in particular are not entirely free from ethical guidelines’ breaches like those mentioned in the article. On the one hand, many scholars find themselves trapped by the ethical regulations that disable them to conduct certain studies that require the test subject not to know about the test. Examples for this include psychological studies and behavioral research. Another serious breach is the use of third world countries where the laws to ...
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