Move over, sweet tooth: Introducing the salt tooth

Move over, sweet tooth: Introducing the salt tooth

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You've heard of a sweet tooth, but what about a salt tooth? Some people carry a gene that may give them more of a taste for salt, a new study finds
16 Nov 2016 - General
Heena Pohani I am in agreement that this is a very interesting article. Its the first time that I came across a study that investigated on a genetic preference for taste. This leads me to think that perhaps there is a genetic basis to all sensory functions, although I am not sure to what extent this is true because the type of evidence was not stated in the article. Apparently, there are people who have a prefer...
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Nice and interesting article. Definitely trends are changing and these days people are having sweet tooth as well as salt tooth. However, I think the incidence of sweet tooth will be more in children and teens while the occurrence of salt tooth can be expected to more in women. I know someone who has a salt tooth and this lady adds salt to each and every dish of hers and even when she takes the dinner, she takes a small amount of salt in the plate to gratify her salt tooth. She consumes more sal...
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