Nurses’ role in diabetes foot care

Nurses’ role in diabetes foot care

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Nurses are the healthcare providers who are most actively involved in the prevention and early detection of diabetes and its complications. A patient with diabetes mellitus is at high risk for foot and nail problems as a result of poor peripheral blood supply to the feet. In fact, developing a diabetic foot is one of the most common causes of hospitalisation.
16 Nov 2016 - General
Nurses and healthcare providers share a role in educating our diabetic patients about the importance of foot care. Aside from methods of visual inspection that were discussed in the article, it is also important for patients to be knowledgeable on what constitutes an appropriate footwear. Diabetics are prone to incurring wounds because they are prone to venous stasis and reduced skin integrity. Shoes should be adequately fitted and if possible, it should have an allowance for swelling. Patients ...
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Madhubabu kaaja nurses are integrated part of any health care facility and their tasks is not easy,
Here are some healthy tips to take care of your foot if you are diabetic,

Following good foot care habits will go a long way toward keeping your feet healthy. Here are a few helpful tips.

Antiseptic solutions can burn your skin. Never use them on your feet without your doctor’s approval.
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Nurses have direct contact with the patients most frequently, therefore, they are playing and they have to play a major role in diabetic foot care. A patient having diabetes mellitus is at a greater risk of foot and nail ailments due to poor blood supply to the periphery that is the reason diabetic foot care is the most common reason for hospitalization. It is necessary for diabetic patients to have foot examination at least once a year to check and avoid diabetic foot disease. Diabetic nurses s...
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