Scientists Have Rejuvenated Old Mice With the Blood of Human Teenagers

Scientists Have Rejuvenated Old Mice With the Blood of Human Teenagers

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It might sound like something out of a creepy folk tale, but scientists have found evidence that injecting young human blood into older bodies does seem to offer powers of rejuvenation – even if those old bodies aren't human themselves.
16 Nov 2016 - General
@rajinda This is indeed great news for the ladies for whom the beauty on the outside maters a lot. Sorry for the generalization, but literally all the females that I know do worry about their appearance like a lot so I think it is right to make that statement. Imagine if a drug was created that would work like how this human serum worked on mice. People will come in rows to get a taste of the youthfulness it brings. It is doubtful however, about the side effects there can be. Every good thing ha...
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This is really a good news for those who are beauty concious or worried about ageing. As human plasma is highly rich of proteins, I wonder how these mice have not got any reactions for those proteins. Even after Fresh Frozen Plasma transfusions, the reaction rate is still high. Does not this study say about the noted such reactions? Anyhow this would be a milestone of inventions or trials if this concept is modified or evolved and made it in a way which could be applied for humans too. Because I...
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For everyone that thought the fountain of youth was a fairy tale, here we have the fountain of youth for mice! Injecting the blood of young teenagers into old mice have made them act young and has also improved their memory capacity. I do have one question though. Transfusion reactions are something that we fear above everything when we do blood transfusions to our patients. An anaphylactic reaction to blood productions can take a patient's life in seconds. If the mismatch of the blood group...
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