Crawling has some fitness experts going gaga

Crawling has some fitness experts going gaga

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Crawling, the new fitness trend? Some experts aren't sure whether it will catch on, but they call it an effective core workout -- if done right.
16 Nov 2016 - General
Last week I have seen a video in Facebook, I think it seems an aerobic centre in one of country in Asia. All participants of the aerobic gym follows a little boy crawls, hangs, dances, all participants following boy exactly how he does and as how faster boy does. From the vedio I understood that little boys are flexible and after doing like him we will also flexible. I will share later that vedio link if, I found. From the vedio I found crawling more benificial for good health and fitness resto...
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This is an interesting fitness routine. Have you heard of this Mark Edmon Tan ? And do rehab centers in our country use this technique? Whenever I visit our hospital's rehab center, most patients are using assistive devices to facilitate therapy. One of the exercise routines that I have seen, the fitness expert advocated crawling, but in a planking position. I've tried it and its really harder than it se...
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