The five-second rule reframed in light of other daily health hazards

The five-second rule reframed in light of other daily health hazards

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Different schools of thought abound on the habit of eating food picked up from the floor. However, the emphasis on the “five-second rule” was challenged recently, by a senior doctor.
17 Nov 2016 - General
I remember the topic on 5-second rule being discussed in the community a few months back. Mahmoud AbdelAziz I remember that scene, at it was Meredith Grey who accidentally dropped it! I also agree that there are other surfaces that are more dirty than the floor and toilet seats. Everything that contains moisture is prone to bacterial growth - kitchen counters, sinks, water containers and drinking bottles. We use...
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The five-second rule has been discussed many times in our community but each time with the different point of view. In this latest post, the five-second rule is reframed in the light of other daily hazards. The common man concept says that it does not matter how long or how short the contact time is, the basic thing is the platform where food is dropped and whatever the platform is, contamination will still there. It has been seen that flush handles and sink faucet are dirtier than a toilet seat...
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The five second rule is very famous in western culture and there are similar rules in other cultures as well. There is a belief that if food hits the floor and you snatch it up in less than five seconds, it's safe to eat. The concept can sometimes extend to the medical world. There was an unforgettable scene from Grey’s Anatomy earlier seasons when the assistant surgeon dropped a harvested kidney from her hand to the floor. The kidney was just 1 meter away from the recipient and to save the ...
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