Focus on examination, avoid dispensing antibiotics – DOH to medical missions

Focus on examination, avoid dispensing antibiotics – DOH to medical missions

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The Department of Health cautioned health professionals organizing medical missions to just focus on patient examinations and avoid prescription of drugs particularly antibiotics, as it is contributing to the rise of pathogens’ ability to resist antibiotics.
17 Nov 2016 - General
Awww. I guess there is nothing wrong with the distribution of antibiotics during medical missions as long as there is a corresponding signs and symptoms manifested by the patients. However, patients should be instructed vividly that compliance with the antibiotic intake should be strictly followed since there are many disadvantages may arise. That is why there's nurses during medical mission, there roles is to strengthen the information given by the doctors. To present the advantages and dis...
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This is true. One may argue that there are no ancillaries available during medical missions to determine if an illness is viral or bacterial of nature but this excuse does not give us permission to irrationally use antibiotics. Clinical skills can help us arrive at a diagnosis. For example, the presence of suppurative pus instead of pure erythema can distinguish a bacterial from viral type of tonsillopharyngitis. Some would argue that patients need to get a prescription from a consult because th...
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Well where's the essence of medical mission now if we could no longer provide free medicines (antibiotics) to the needy patients? I guess there must be a strict regulation before conducting a medical missions, to secure a permit perhaps. And one of the condition in this permit is that "FULL QUANTITY OF ANTIBIOTICS, AS PER PRESCRIBED BY THE PHYSICIAN, FOR THE WHOLE DURATION OF TREATMENT MUST BE DISPENSED". And in every medical missions there must be a pharmacist to provide accurate ...
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