Fraudulent data unveiled in 33 research publications authored by Japanese scientist

Fraudulent data unveiled in 33 research publications authored by Japanese scientist

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After three of his studies were retracted, researchers decided to investigate other papers published by Yoshihiro Sato, only to uncover that most of his data have been fabricated.
17 Nov 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz I agree that peer-reviewed scientific publications are widely respected internationally, and its only right that these publications ensure that published trials and journal articles are authentic. The narrative from the article is indicative of serious accusations about the academic integrity of a particular scientist. 33 published randomized controlled trials are quite a lot of short period o...
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Perhaps this can explain to some extent the reasons behind the anti-vaccination campaigns. In 1998, Dr Andrew Wakefield published a paper claiming the link between MMR vaccine and the development of autism. His study included only 12 children. He then documented that 8 of the 12 children developed autism in a published paper. The British doctor’s license was suspended and he had to move to the United States afterwards. Unsurprisingly, MMR vaccination rate plummeted globally. For example, vaccina...
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Wow! This is bad. Yoshihiro Sato has fabricated almost all of his 33 randomised controlled trials. Such misconducts are seriously harmful and the punishment must be strong enough. People around the world usually adopt different views, cultures and religions but when it comes to the supposedly evidence based science, everyone respects the results. Such revelations done in the research world are among the reasons the public starting to lack trust in the scientific community. The misleading trials ...
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