The maximum human lifespan appears to be capped at 125 years

The maximum human lifespan appears to be capped at 125 years

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Although massive advancements in research have enabled global populations to live longer, yet it still turns out that no human is likely to blow out their 125th birthday candles.
17 Nov 2016 - General
In the time of the Bible, people lived for hundreds of years, 500 was a norm and to live 100 is not living at all. This age was significantly reduced. A month ago, I was in a dental mission and I met a man who was 110 years old. He lived in the mountains, and if you saw him, he looked younger than his age and his smile looked so youthful too. Living to a hundred seems to be regarded as an achievement nowadays. 125 year old? I don't really know if I want to live for that long. What will I do ...
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Recently, there has been considerable interest in the field of aging and longevity. In fact I have encountered some journals that are solely focused on publishing articles on this topic. Longevity is multi-factorial and I agree that environmental exposure, access to healthcare and heredity are contributory. Environmental exposure is an important aspect because there are a lot of illness that can be caused by such. Infections, cancer and other serious illnesses can be acquired if one lives in a p...
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Various advancements have taken place in the field of medicine and health research. This post shares the data about average life expectancy in industrialised as well as non-industrialized countries. It is clear the the average life span is more in high-income population, about 20% higher than that in low-income population due to the fact that there is a lack of resources in the low-income population. The study also shows that the average life span is dependent on various genetic factors. Finally...
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