The artificially-intelligent doctor is still a dream – for now

The artificially-intelligent doctor is still a dream – for now

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If a patient coming to see a doctor is given two choices: To see a robot who can make a precise diagnosis, or a person who ‘cures sometimes, relieves often, but comforts always’ - which would they choose?
17 Nov 2016 - General
I hope threat is not now in future after 100 years. Because artificial intelligence can't work well always about which we have discussed already and no body prefers artificial intelligence in health care becaise it is life matter. Some of artifi...
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Waaah. If ever that time will come where i have to choose whether i'll visit a robotic doctor or real doctor. I'd rather choose the real human being doctor. Because in my opinion, if the data in the system of that robot was altered then there...
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HAhaha.. threat for the medical professionals. I think a robot or any artificial-intelligence doctor cannot substitute a real doctor. Definitely there are benefits of an artificially-intelligent doctor that the chances of correct diagnosis are more a...
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