What are some of the challenges Singapore pharmacists are facing?

What are some of the challenges Singapore pharmacists are facing?

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As the healthcare landscape in Singapore evolves with the ageing population, the challenges to which pharmacists face evolve along with them. What are some of the challenges that pharmacists in Singapore face today?
17 Nov 2016 - General
Dealing with an increased elderly population not only is a challenge for pharmacists but also for everyone in the health care setting. For pharmacists however, this would mean managing more complex cases and of course handling a lot of different medications for the elderly. Also, staying relevant in this modern day and age is a must for every health care professional. For pharmacists, this would mean staying updated regarding regulatory issues, new drugs, new modes of treatment, and of course st...
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It is an informative article for all healthcare professionals. However, pharmacists will be able to relate to it in a better way. It specifically focusses on the problems and the challenges of the pharmacists in Singapore. I think the ideas presented in the article will also have an influential effect on the Singaporean doctors. The demographics of the country play an important role in the healthcare sector. In Singapore, the residents aged 65 years and above is increasing and as the population ...
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