5 High-Calorie Foods That Are Actually Healthy

5 High-Calorie Foods That Are Actually Healthy

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You should be eating more of these high-calorie foods that are actually healthy.
17 Nov 2016 - General
I just devoured half a bar of sea salt dark chocolate--and it was awesome. For some time now, I have understood that it is all about making smart choices when it comes to food. It is not completely avoiding all food--but rather making the right choices and knowing what you take in. Like if you love to snack, then make it a healthy snack and it doesn't always have to a boring celery stick. Of course I do not mean you have half a bar of dark chocolate every day. NO! You can indulge your cravin...
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Wow, this post is really interesting as well as informative. Mostly nuts are considered a higher caloric diet that does not have good fat but the six foods mentioned in this article are liked by most of the people especially in the winter in Pakistan. I too love to eat pistachios and I also have pistachios in my kitchen right now and I like salted and roasted pistachios. Pistachios contain the quality of fat rather quantity and these are the lowest calorie and lowest fat nuts. Similarly, raisins...
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