Ministry of Health to investigate abduction of baby from Tanah Merah Hospital

Ministry of Health to investigate abduction of baby from Tanah Merah Hospital

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The Malaysian Health Minister has ordered a probe into of the kidnapping of a five-day-old newborn from the hospital in Kelantan, and how it occurred without raising suspicion.
18 Nov 2016 - General
Madhubabu kaaja This is a very interesting story. It is bothersome as how to the kidnappers hoodwinked the hospital staff into believing that they were the biological parents of the baby. This needs an investigation on how the perpetrators were able to breeze through the hospital procedure. It seems pretty suspicious to me. ...
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Maria Cristina Inserto Marinelle Castro it is very horrible to parent and I cant explain the situation which is hard to express. Police arrested suspected couple and remanded. God grace! parent informed by police found child, told by police over phone. Government is serious about this issue and never wants to see again. Thanking yo...
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Maria Cristina Inserto That's my reaction too! I can just imagine the horror of the parents when they found out that their child is missing. Its just odd that it happened the kidnapping incident happened inside a hospital that is presumably safe from such! I think the couple should be examined by a mental health specialist because they might be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or adjustment disor...
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Oh my, what an awful experience for the new parents. You know, you come to visit your wife and your child, then you find out the baby has been stolen. If I were any of the parents, I would've completely flipped. But then, it must have been devastating for the "kidnapping couple" to lose a child. Imagine how powerful and blinding their grief is, that it's big enough motivation for them to commit a crime. Of course it is not excuse enough---their grief is not a justification for ...
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