Melanoma Diagnosis Within Hours With New Blood Test

Melanoma Diagnosis Within Hours With New Blood Test

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Researchers have developed a revolutionary blood test to diagnose skin cancer much more quickly and efficiently than conventional methods. Advanced melanoma patients will be able to get a diagnosis of how far along their cancer
18 Nov 2016 - General
Madhubabu kaaja
Limitations of tissue biopsy:
 Cancer is a heterogeneous disease
Molecular properties differ within a tumor
Primary tumor biopsy may not reflect current disease condition
Therapy causes changes in tumor cells
 Biopsy is invasive
May not be feasible based on patient condition or tumor accessibility
Impractical for periodic monitoring for progression/recurrence...
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Each cancer has its individual molecular and genetic fingerprints. Liquid biopsy tests are gaining ground within the industry and the oncology community and are considered as a viable alternative (or potential replacement) to traditional screening methods. Liquid biopsies are helpful to monitor the burden of the disease and identify mutations associated with resistances to targeted therapies. However, the comprehensive characterization of the resistant metastases remains necessary to adapt the t...
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Melanoma often we can consider it as skin cancer, ie myelin cells of skin, about which 3 millions of people suffering worldwide. I think Mahmoud AbdelAziz has posted about new lense that scans skin and confirms cancer of skin, I consider these situations, technology coming up for diagnosing cancers at early stages. in this findings, scientist innovated a non invasive blood test that gives result in one hour. Is t...
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