Why white blood cells in urine?

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18 Nov 2016 - General

White blood cells are a part of the immunity system which may be found wherever an infection occurs because of the aggregation and causes inflammation which is a the reaction against infection. One or few white blood cells in urine is considered as a normal finding but having more in an urine sample is not normal and it indicates some of the conditions along the urinary tract. Bladder or kidney infection leads increased WBC in urine and women are more prone to have urinary tract infections than men. Urinary stones and a blockage to the tract may increase WBC in urine and pregnancy is another reason. Holding urine for some time can lead urine stagnation in the bladder leading infection and thereby increased WBC in urine.

WBC in urine cause due to infection or without infection. UTI infection caused by viral or bacterial or fungal may be cause for white blood cells in urine and without infection also like irritation, trauma, cancer, blood vessel damage and other simi...
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After getting a patient to the hospital, doing an urine full report as a investigation is very common. In my unit we usually do UFR for patients with lower abdominal pain suspecting urinary tract infections and to exclude urinary tract infections whe...
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If there is a pathology in a nearby organ that too can cause an increase in WBC in the urine. Such examples include appendicitis or even hernias. WBCs in the urine doesn't always mean UTI but as ...
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