A New Law Requires Homeopathic Products to Disclose if Claims Aren't Backed by Science

A New Law Requires Homeopathic Products to Disclose if Claims Aren't Backed by Science

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The Federal Trade Commission issued a statement this month which said that homeopathic remedies have to be held to the same standard as other products that make similar claims.
19 Nov 2016 - General
This law must hold the position of “most wanted law” because homeopathic medications should have evidence based data for particular disease or ailment. It is good act by US and UK government for the betterment of the health of the people. Now American companies must have reliable scientific evidence for health-related claims that their products can treat specific conditions and illnesses. It is also warned to not use the products until these are proved and clearly stated on the labels because th...
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As we know principle of homeopathy is 'like curing like'which dates back from history. FDA officially recognised homeopathy under the 1938 FDC Act, the 1965 Medicare Act, and the 1987 act FDA Compliance Policy Guidelines, these safe, gentle but deep-acting medicines can be used to treat persons experiencing many kinds of medical conditions. All homeopathic medicines are lack of scientific justification and are obtained from Materia medica. FDA taken a good initiation about homeopathic ...
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This is a very god act by the US government. If it is a drug or a device that are used in western medicine, developers should provide thousand and one evidence to prove that particular drug / device is effective and has minimal to none adverse effects to the humans. But there are these homeopathic drugs that are just out there and available to purchase over the counter. Reduces the risk of heart attacks / Increases bone mass / Reduces cholesterol.. These drugs come with various eye catching slog...
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