Activity tracker unlikely to promote health

Activity tracker unlikely to promote health

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Activity tracker can increase step activity especially when coupled with incentives, but does not improve health outcomes such as weight and blood pressure, according to the TRIPPA* study.
19 Nov 2016 - General
Alan Rosmadi yes we had a few discussions here already about activity trackers. I am pro activity tracker as I myself use one. It doesn't reliably track our calories lost and the like b...
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A recent research has shown that activity tracker cannot promote the health. As the name indicates the main function of activity tracker is to track the activities of an individual step by step. There are multiple types of activity tracker that are u...
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I remember commenting on a similar topic few weeks ago. Anyway, trackers like these do not guarantee any difference in your health and physical just because you wear it and exercise. We humans, always need assurance and trust. So things like these al...
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Eversince this activity trackers have been going out in the markets, there were a lot of speculations whether it could help a persons well being. Various researches has came out, even to the comparison of brand from different companies whether what i...
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