How useful of a medical test ??

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19 Nov 2016 - General

In our routine daily job in healthcare settling, we do order a lot of different medical tests to investigates a variety of different symptoms. But how do we determine whether is that particular test will be useful to be done ?? A good medical investigation test must have the quality of accuracy, feasibility,and reproducibility. It must have an effect on clinical decisions and the outcomes of patients. "How accurate is the test ?" is a very important question for every medical test. The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, receiver operating characteristic curves, and likelihood ratio are the important considerations of a medical test, with regards to its accuracy in diagnosing a specific medical disease. Another aspect to be considered will be the cost, risks and acceptability of the tests to the patients. So, we should always think about the necessity of the any medical test before ordering it, and try to avoid doing a routine test without any purpose or any clinical question to answer.

You Yi Hong I agree that we need to request these tests sparingly because some of these tests will not have an effect on the disease course of the patient. This is one of the reasons why part of me do not like hospital pathways. Of course these pathways are beneficial in standardization of diagnosis and treatment, but sometimes, there are so many tests that are included in the protocol and these may be omitted. ...
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I think basic history taking and physical examination are very important in formulating the working diagnosis or differential diagnosis for a certain patient. Those information obtained will usually direct us to order some specific medical test to either confirm our diagnosis or to rule out our suspicion. Sometime, there are a few different medical tests available to confirm or rule out a specific medical condition. For example, for pulmonary embolism, there are a variety of medical tests that a...
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Medical testing is part of our day to day practice when dealing with a patient. Testing helpful to identifying, estimating and diagnosing disease or non disease status. Physical examination not always gives exact cause and status of disease where required medical test. We can know the body temperature by touching patient body, we can know Hb content by observing his eyes, nails and tongue. But merely we can not estimate total WBC by seeing blood right. New technology for health care needs to be ...
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