Scientists developed a USB stick that can perform an HIV test

Scientists developed a USB stick that can perform an HIV test

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A compact device could be used by doctors and patients to monitor HIV treatment.
20 Nov 2016 - General
WOW!!! What a news! A wonderful invention indeed. Laboratory facility for HIV testing is not available all over the world. Specially in the rural area, you can't identify HIV. But this invention may be a probable solution for this problem. It will help to both diagnose and monitor HIV patients. The accuracy is 95 percent which is really great. It can provide the results within 30 minutes which is very fast indeed. And I am agreed with You Yi Hong , with few modifications it can be used for o...
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It seems to be an interesting medical advancement of inventing the USB stick that can perform a HIV test. The main purpose of this USB devise is not to diagnose the new case of HIV. It is used as a monitoring tool for those known HIV patients on treatment, with the aim of monitoring the treatment and disease from a distance. The clinical information from the USB stick could be transmitted to the doctor, in order to monitor patient’s progress in a remote settling. Such an idea is exciting, and i...
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