PH: DOH sends medical teams to assist in screening drug addicts

PH: DOH sends medical teams to assist in screening drug addicts

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A team of 35 professionals, including medical doctors, nurses, psychologists and IT staff, have been deployed by the Department of Health (DOH) to help handle drug surrenderees in the MIMAROPA region.
20 Nov 2016 - General
The latest edition of the DSM manual no longer distinguishes users from abusers. The current criteria categorizes all users depending on the number of criterion fulfilled. I think that this project is useful and its good that the department of health is becoming involved in the identification of drug users. This is also a unique opportunities for the participants to learn from the journey. I think that more psychiatry residents should be involved in this endeavor for further clinical exposure. I...
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There has been a lot of victims who voluntarily surrendered theirselves to the authorities eversince the new administration has set in. I think the manpower of psychologists, doctors and nurses are still lacking due to the huge number of the patients. Drug abuse is a serious mental disorder and needs long term rehabilitation program. I hope that these people may all soon recover from the addiction and never ever turn back to what they have did before. They are just simply doing the best decision...
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