Could you give up all online contact for 24 hours?

Could you give up all online contact for 24 hours?

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It’s one of the less traditional suggestions for this year’s Concern Fast – along with dropping ‘vocalised pauses’.
21 Nov 2016 - General
Whoa. I can't do this for sure. Internet is my only way of communication especially living in the remote sites of the world. But i do wonder how did people those days do the same job as mine without an internet. Let us put the communication part aside, although a satellite phone is obviously available how far of a help do they get? I mean, yes they only need to establish that they require help at a certain coordinate. But what else could they do without any online connection? Having internet...
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Yes of course! Most of the time especially when i am with my partner. I am actually glad that both of us are not that hooked to internet surfing especially to social media. The only time when we will use our phone is when our parent is calling or if someone send us a message or if we want to take a selfie. That is what i love when we are together. No gadgets can entertain us. It is only the company of each other that will make us happy. I am actually proud that it is possible for both of us. Be...
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Yes I did! It was on my birthday last year with my family. We booked a cabin for 3 days, not knowing that where we a
were, there was no internet. At first, I wasn't so happy and felt a bit unsafe just in case we need something for emergency reasons but then I eventually loved the thought of having no internet connection and being disconnected from the rest of the world. The only time I used my phone when we were there was for taking pictures. I know I mentioned that we were there for 3 d...
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Nowadays, our daily life is too dependent on internet connectivity. Having 3G, 4G, and wifi connectivity for our smartphones, tablets, and laptop is essential. Texting or calling through WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, browsing Facebook, Instagram, and Tweeter seem to be the indispensable in our daily life. Apart from that, we are also always depend on the 3G or 4G connectivity in our smartphone to look up for some information when we are not very sure about certain area. So, is it really possible that...
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