Doctors, make sure to recognise the value of your nurses

Doctors, make sure to recognise the value of your nurses

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Nurses are often the first line of contact with patients, and it is undeniable that the role of a doctor is complemented by that of a nurse in delivering effective and timely healthcare. So doctors, here's why you must recognise the value of the nurses working with you.
21 Nov 2016 - General
Every person in the healthcare team is important because each role played is meant to complete the level of service that the patient receives. In my practice, I do not have a nurse working with me, she is a dental assistant. But in the multispecialty clinic I work for, we work with nurses, and many of the nurses there are older and more experienced than I (in the company and in the practice). Doctors have to understand the role that nurses play because it is true that they have more contact with...
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This is a very nice article and a kind reminder to all doctors and nurses here. Nurses are always in the core of the health system. They do not just perform tasks or provide services, but also serve in many different capacities either in the heart of action or behind the scenes. The relationship between doctors and nurses is a major determinant of the quality of the healthcare practice environment. A good nurse can fill the communicational gaps between doctors and patients making it faster and m...
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