Why you really shouldn't binge drink

Why you really shouldn't binge drink

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Heavy drinking sessions alter the activity of numerous genes in the brains of offspring, researchers from Loyola University in Chicago found.
21 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro I agree that binge drinking, especially to escape recent stressful events, may lead to alcoholism. Some may find bragging rights of being able to hold liquor consistently as a rewarding experience and encourage chronic alcohol consumption. Since we are still on the topic of binge drinking, men have to stop associating machismo with the ability to hold large volumes of alcohol. Men (especially whe...
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Anything in excess can be potentially bad. Bingeing on drinking, eating or whatever is bad because of it is habit-forming. Like what Chih Chiang Nieh said, binge drinking can lead to alcoholism because of the "rewarding" effects of drinking large amounts of alcohol. In addition to what was already mentioned, one sign that a patient has an alcohol use disorders is when he has already developed toleranc...
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Chih Chiang Nieh Mixed drinks are really something that I steer away from. Of course, we have to bring up Wernicke-Korsakoff dementia as a result of chronic alcoholism. Alcohol beverages can trigger allergic reactions too. First time drinkers must be educated of that otherwise they may end up in the emergency room due to anaphylaxis. You are right in saying that moderation is the key in order to enjoy the benefi...
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Chih Chiang Nieh Thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge and experience in dealing with chronic alcohol drinkers and binge drinkers too. It is not advisable to binge drink especially for teens who are getting their baptism of drinking alcohol illegally. Binge drinkers are the ones prone to alcohol intoxication and other acute complications such as esophageal irritation and subsequent Mallory-Weiss tears ...
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for alcoholism we usually do screening questions like CAGE questions:
1)C- Have you thought of cutting down drinking alcohol?
2)A - Are you annoyed when people call you an alcoholic?
3) G- Are you guilty of drinking alcohol?
4) E- Do you need alcohol as an eye opener?
If one should have 2 out of 4 or more, they are considered alcoholics and may suggest to refer them to support groups to help to wean off alcohol. If they should appear in the Emergency Department drunk, they sh...
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It is proven that alcoholis would cause these potential side effects of affecting brain functions - impairing the neuro synapses and increasing the likelihood of getting neuropsychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety and metabolic disorders. Thus it is not surprising to see these changes in laboratory rats. In humans, the only ethical way is to do a retrospective analysis with a huge number so as to prove that there is a association between binge drinking and not because it is a confounder ...
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In a very recent study conducted in a university in Chicago, it was concluded that repeated binge drinking during adolescence can affect brain functions of their future children potentially putting offspring at risk for conditions as depression, anxiety, and metabolic disorders. Of course the scientists in this study made use of laboratory rodents as their specimen in detecting the offspring's brain activity after prolonged alcohol intoxication of parent mice. We cannot fully generalize that...
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