What is the most frustrating part of your job?

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21 Nov 2016 - General

Every job has it's own frustration. Share with us your frustrations working in the healthcare industry. Rant away, I'm sure we can all relate in one way or another. 

-Being a scapegoat and not able to voice out your opinion as being respective to your superiors. However, this will make us stronger and more aware of handling tight situations later on in life as a healthcare professional.
-Limitations in helping patient although you felt empathy towards them as still need to comply with the rules and regulations of the profession.
-Patient and family members may be sceptical about your skills and knowledge of the profession as a healthcare professiona...
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When people think that dentists are not "real" doctors, and give skeptical looks when you explain the association of symptoms present in oral maxillofacial region to the underlying medical problems.

Ok, maybe that's wasn't that bad.

Its sometimes they don't trust you because you look young. "Dr ni muda sgt! baru grad ke?" Makes it harder when you want to deliver an advice but patient doesn't seem to trust/respect just cause the physician loo...
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For me the most frustrating part of my job would be, patients will fail to see how much work and effort you have put on your job to care and serve them. They treat you unprofessionaly and look down on your capabilities. We can never blame some for feeling this way because not all maybe knowedgeble of what you are going through. As well as you are more capable enough to understand why they behave and feel that way. Maybe we are also placed in this position for a reason. A reason to be patient and...
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Frustrations can be there in the healthcare setting too. Managing the whole clinic, laboratory work, assistants can be irritating many times. However, the best time is when you're ready to go home with a smile and just when you're closing the door of the clinic, there is a patient complaining of tooth pain. It happens to me mostly on Saturdays and this thing irritates me a lot. As the patient has pain, so you've to treat him. All your happiness and excitement vanishes in a moment. Ho...
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Mark Edmon Tan Its relatively common. In emergency cases, patients usually go to the nearest hospitals, regardless if its private or public. What is even more frustrating is when they incur a lot of expenses inside the emergency room of a private institution. Of course it's natural that they are not aware of the expenses beforehand, and most will find it impolite to be informed of how much emergent intervent...
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Marinelle Castro Oh, those who cannot afford treatment in the emergency room is really frustrating. I have encountered a lot of instances wherein the patient's relatives decided to transfer to another hospital because they cannot afford the cost of treatment and ancillaries when I was still a junior intern. I could not even dare imagine how often you encounter situations like this in a private setting. It wou...
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It's a sad moment for me to hear from a patient that they are regular with another clinic but finding anothet GP now. The doctor there just treats them with medication and sends them away.
Complain is superficial and minor,but patients body language and eyes say something else ,much more.Patient was in tears on probing more regards her complains which were more than physical.
She was having emotional issues, work related stress and family related matters stress.
Felt with just b...
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I share the same frustration with Dr Mark Edmon Tan . I am currently having my residency training at a private hospital, and it is frustrating to see patients who are unable to afford the cost of treatment, specially if its an emergency case. At the end of the spectrum, it is also frustrating to treat patients and their relatives who do not trust their physicians. I know that doctors have the right to choose wh...
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As a fresh graduate doctor, I find the fact that international medical graduates need to go through very long and unguaranteed process to be able to work in a certain country very frustrating. Almost each country sets its own health system that usually differs completely from its surrounding countries! To switch our workplace country, we most probably have to start the pathway from the scratch again. In comparison, professions like engineering are more flexible recruiting any engineer around the...
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