Doctors: How to stop second-guessing your medical career path

Doctors: How to stop second-guessing your medical career path

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A career in medicine is not always a bed of roses. Certain incidents or situations might raise doubts about your career choice. Doubt is not necessarily a bad thing, but if this becomes a hindrance, take heed of these tips to stop second-guessing yourself and your chosen career path.
21 Nov 2016 - General
I agree that every profession there should be a support sytem where you can share all your frustrations, disappointments, or negative events that you may encounter along with your working experience. Aside from sharing, you can hear a constructive criticisms that absolutely understand your side and will give you an advices where you can improve and can do better next time. It is really true that we should focus on our accomplishments or achievements rather on the negative side of our career. Aft...
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This is a very helpful article for those who are second guessing their medical career path because no profession is a bed of roses although there is a possibility that certain doubts and issue may affect your career choice. Anxiety and self-doubts must be overcome as early as possible because these are associated with less focus on your duties, low work performance, undermine your aspiration and hesitation procrastination. Seeking validation from other people is not always helpful because people...
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