Doctors: How to stop second-guessing your medical career path

Doctors: How to stop second-guessing your medical career path

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A career in medicine is not always a bed of roses. Certain incidents or situations might raise doubts about your career choice. Doubt is not necessarily a bad thing, but if this becomes a hindrance, take heed of these tips to stop second-guessing yourself and your chosen career path.
21 Nov 2016 - General
Thank you Jemelyn Mae Sodusta. You have offered good suggestions for the topic and we should made such a platform where we can put our frustration and disappointments to have a right select...
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I agree that every profession there should be a support sytem where you can share all your frustrations, disappointments, or negative events that you may encounter along with your working experience. Aside from sharing, you can hear a constructive cr...
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This is a very helpful article for those who are second guessing their medical career path because no profession is a bed of roses although there is a possibility that certain doubts and issue may affect your career choice. Anxiety and self-doubts mu...
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