Negligence by hospital personnel resulted in kidnapping of baby, says Malaysian MOH

Negligence by hospital personnel resulted in kidnapping of baby, says Malaysian MOH

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Investigation by the MOH found hospital staff and security guilty of failing to comply with pre-existing guidelines, which led to the kidnapping of a newborn from Tanah Merah Hospital in Kelantan.
21 Nov 2016 - General
This is such a painful event for the parents of child. Thinking that in just an instant their baby was kidnanpped in a blink of an eye. This must be a hard learned lesson for the staffs of the hospital. Here in our country, i have heard similar story too. Where babies are being kidnapped. I don't know what was the case of the perpetrator, however it is the staffs and security guards responsibility to secure the safety of each and every patients that they have. Though the baby was abducted, t...
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It is very unbelievable that such an incident can possibly occurred in the hospital. It’s seems like the baby was easily being kidnapped by the 2 suspects. Such an unfortunate event should never be happened in any of the hospital. A thorough investigation will be needed to look into this event, in order to find out what were the potential deficiency in the system or just the failure of hospital personnel to comply with those safety guidelines in place in the hospital. Tighter security measures m...
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It is really very sad to read that negligence by hospital personnel resulted in the kidnapping of the baby. According to investigations carried out by Kelantan Health Department and Tanah, Merah Hospital found that the discharge process was not fulfilled when the baby was allowed home, where the staff and security guard on duty did not take complete steps to ascertain the identity of parents during discharge. MOH Malaysia has warned the hospital to follow the guideline to avoid reoccurrence. Gui...
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