Improper Sleep May Affect Kidney Function: Study

Improper Sleep May Affect Kidney Function: Study

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According to new study, improper sleep may worsen the kidney function and may lead to kidney failure. Not getting enough quality sleep was linked with worsening kidney function in a study of patients with chronic kidney
21 Nov 2016 - General
The reason behind this correlation may still be unclear for now but inadequate sleep can really affect our internal organs. Lack of sleep puts a lot of toll on the body to compensate. Blood pressure is elevated chronically while we repeatedly make insensible food choices to compensate for lack of energy. This two undesirable habits can lead to hypertension and diabetes, two factors that are highly associated with renal problems over time. Another possible etiology would be the excessive consumpt...
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Inadequate sleep is linked to not just worsening of renal functions but also liver function, neurological function as well as cardiac function. Basically the body is like a machine and it needs to rest. If you do not give the chance for the body to rest, things will just accumulate and eventually the body would decompensate itself and the system collapses. I would urge people to try to achieve at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Of course many different people have a different threshold. Some peopl...
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