Malaysia’s MOH to cut costs by sourcing more generic drugs

Malaysia’s MOH to cut costs by sourcing more generic drugs

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The Malaysian Health Ministry has announced that the budget allocated will be suffice for adequate supply of medicines, reassuring that there will not be any shortages across facilities.
22 Nov 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz
The efforts made by the Malaysian ministry of health to keep the level of healthcare sectors can't be ignored.using of generic medications is a great idea to less...
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Malaysia is making sound moves in trimming medication costs. Limiting patient's supply of medication to one month is fair enough since it encourages patients to do follow-up consults. Health can be monitored regularly and hospital admissions can ...
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Generic medicines are very cheaper some times but the rate and extent of drug absorption will be same like branded drug. It is better in my view to prefer generic drugs in any disease if available. As ...
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Healthcare budget is always very difficult to balance perfectly. Purchasing the medications, especially the brand name can be very expensive, and will cause a huge financial burden to the healthcare system. If possible, they should always opt for th...
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In the light of the recent trend adopted by the Malaysian government that continues to cut the budgets instead of raising more funds, sourcing more generic drugs by the Malaysian ministry of health may sound a good move towards providing cheaper medi...
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