Welfare beyond healthcare: MDs for PWIDs in workplace inclusion – Part 1

Welfare beyond healthcare: MDs for PWIDs in workplace inclusion – Part 1

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Doctors are trained to understand different disabilities and those in administrative positions find themselves in a unique position to provide work opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.
22 Nov 2016 - General
Tahira Nawaz
Thank you for sharing this article to be discussed, people with intellectual disabilities should get their chance to find jobs, in ksa the government set a law to business owners to recruit pwids and give them benefits by counting pwids as 2 employers.
They for sure , have a certain talent so they should get their chance to express it.
Ministry of health could provide medical program s...
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I think that the article has highlighted the difference of opportunities for everyone in both a first world and developing country. First world countries. In first world countries such as Singapore, there is no need for mandates on providing equal opportunities. If one is qualified, he/she will get an equal chance of employment regardless of intellectual disability. Government in first world countries think of laws and ensure that citizens are reasonably comfortable. Third world countries need t...
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People with intellectual disabilities (PWID) have almost no work opportunities in the most of the countries of the world and this topic is really fabulous for support and welfare of such people. As mentioned in the post people with intellectual disabilities need a lot of support to work in any environment where normal people are working so question is, who will support them and how? Vaccines offered by Nava to memorize the lot numbers, colors, expiration dates, and recalling of office receipt nu...
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