DOH: Include e-cigs, vapes in nationwide smoking ban

DOH: Include e-cigs, vapes in nationwide smoking ban

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The Department of Health (DOH) has proposed for the inclusion of e-cigarettes and vapes in the public smoking ban, saying evidence of health threats against the two should be taken into account.
22 Nov 2016 - General
I have reviewed the current evidence against vapes, and so far there is lack of conclusive evidence to state whether it is indeed harmful for one's health. On the contrary, there is also lack of evidence that it helps smokers to cut the habit. For someone who used to be a heavy smoker and who was able to quit, of course I am against smoking in general. But we have to maintain objectivity when supporting legislature, and there has to be enough evidence to prove that vapes are a health hazard...
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The most common misconceptions people have is that they use to believe that switching to electronic cigarettes than tobacco makes their nicotine level and smoking addiction less. Where in fact as being stated in the article, it is 28% that people will less likely not stop the habit. I am glad to know that the Department of Health is trying to pursue this movement for the benefit of everybody. I hope that the president will sign the order as soon as he can. Just imagine how much would it contribu...
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