Doctors: Do you spend a lot of your time doing paperwork?

Doctors: Do you spend a lot of your time doing paperwork?

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Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. So much paperwork is required as a doctor that it often gets in the way of spending more time with the patients. So where does the balance lie here, and how should one go about achieving it?
23 Nov 2016 - General
In modern day healthcare, the bulk of healthcare work lies in paper work. Loads of administrative stuff like audits, typing patients' medical reports, preparing for teaching or conference, and not to forget documentation of clinical consultation/...
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Is is not only doctor who's handling heavy workload of paperwork, other healthcare professionals are too especially nurses and pharmacist. How good if the technology can convey a person's thinking into documentation to save up more time for h...
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There is a wide-spread feeling among healthcare professionals that the most important thing they do at the hospital is paperwork more than healing sick people. Paperwork, or documentation, takes up as much as a third of a physician’s workday; and for...
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