Missed diagnosis: 37 days to find a coin stuck in toddler’s throat

Missed diagnosis: 37 days to find a coin stuck in toddler’s throat

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A mother discovered doctors had missed a penny lodged in her son’s throat for 37 days in California, despite multiple healthcare visits and is now claiming medical malpractice.
23 Nov 2016 - General
Misdiagnosis is potentially harmful for the health status of the patient. Whether they are a newborn, toodler, or adult their is no exception when this kind of situation happen. And thinking that the age of the patient in the article is 8 mos. old. They are unable to express how they feel so i assumed that proper assessment should be done. And as part of health care providers we should respect mothers' instinct when in comes to the activeness of their child. Once they are not convince that t...
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I do agree that if something were amiss, one should refer to the relevant specialist and not hang around it for too long. Nowadays, may general practitioners tend to hold on to their patients fearing of referring as it may cause them to lose the patients or lose revenue, however, this concept is wrong. I believe patient's safety is the utmost important and hence we should exercise lesser threshold to refer if there were something atypical of suspicious about the case. In the case of the chil...
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It is again a worst case of medical malpractice where misdiagnosis leads to prolongation in the treatment of little kid and worsening of the condition. Such cases are very common everywhere and I have seen that few doctors especially child specialists just blame the kid’s hand for germs whenever they fall sick without noticing that something else can also happen. They just listen without properly examining the child and write prescription by telling viral or bacterial infection. 37 days is too m...
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It is not uncommon to encounter pediatric cases of impacted foreign bodies. I really don’t understand how the system works in that hospital but usually in these situations we have to auscultate chest carefully and requesting x-ray imaging is a must. If the x-ray was performed, the coin would have definitely discovered as a radiopaque object. Impacted foreign object can easily be a life threatening condition. Fortunately, the kid survived this incident. Perhaps this incident will be a lesson for ...
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