The art and science of humanising medicine with technology

The art and science of humanising medicine with technology

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With the advent of technology in the world of medicine, are cutting edge tools such as the hand-held ultrasound device coming at the cost of the human touch?
23 Nov 2016 - General
No doubt that technology is really helpful nowdays. From giving diagnoses, there should be procedures needed to perform before concluding that it is what it is. However, in my opinion, that too much reliance to this technology might cause people harm especially when a certain procedure is not necessary it may cause like exposure to radiation and its cost effectivity not good for those who have a limited budget. However, i believe that clinical eye of doctors can't be substituted. It is still...
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No type of technology will ever equate to the value of a good bedside clinical examination. Maintaining a therapeutic alliance with our patients is still an important component of the entire healing process. However, like what Chih Chiang Nieh said, technology has a lot of benefits, especially when it is used in preventing medical errors and improving patient safety. I believe that medical students should take ...
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on the other hand, technological advancement isn't a bad thing. It phases out errors and preventable mistakes. Furthermore, it makes the procedure have a greater chance of success. So I guess there should be a balance. We clinicians could use the technology as a form of aid but not to let the technology rule over us. What I suggest is to diagnose and to examine the patient without radiological guidance first then double confirm that impression with the ultrasound, this will not only improve ...
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True enough, with the advent of technology, a lot of clinical skills is loss. Gone are the days where almost every doctor is able to diagnose the type of congenital heart condition just by ascultation and observing clinical signs and pick up rare conditions with just history and physical examination. Medicine has moved on to become more technological dependent where some basic clinical skill is lost.
This is also to safeguard the patients, as being humans, sometimes doctors can make mistakes...
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It is very true that patients want and needs their doctors to listen, to care and to connect with them because this careful attitude of doctors is very satisfying for the patients and they feel even better with it. I like the comment of a physician that “Clearly my hand cannot replace a CT scan when I am examining the abdomen” because it is a basic skill that is equipped by all doctors during their educational career. It does not mean that doctors should not use medical technology but it means d...
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