NEW LAUNCH - MIMS Career Recruitment Portal for pharmacists, allied health professionals & healthcare administrators

NEW LAUNCH - MIMS Career Recruitment Portal for pharmacists, allied health professionals & healthcare administrators

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Following the success of the MIMS Career recruitment portals for doctors and nurses, MIMS is proud to announce the launch of the MIMS Career portal for pharmacists, allied health professionals and healthcare administration staff.
23 Nov 2016 - General
Like Mark Edmon Tan I also checked the portal even if I am not looking for a job right now. This is a good platform for those who are looking for seeking to expand their professional opportunities. In the section for doctors, I have noticed that there are a few job selection for specialists. I think that one area of improvement for this platform is to improve collaboration with more hospitals, clinics and healt...
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When the MIMS job portal launch for doctors and nurses was first launched, I was wondering why they didn’t include other health care professions. Now that there is also a job portal for pharmacists, administrators and other health care professionals, I think that this new feature will really get to help a lot more people. Also, it being exclusive for MIMS members will encourage more people to subscribe and sign up to the array of contents and information that MIMS can offer. I hope that more job...
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MIMS has finally launched a career portal for every allied healthcare professional. Congratulations to MIMS and good luck to job-seekers who will benefit from the constant updates from the MIMS career portal. I am signed in to this portal and am sure that online job seekers will like the selection of job opportunities. Everything that was stated in this article is true. Subscribers will find that there are a smorgasbord of articles and essential tips to augment one's knowledge when looking f...
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This is amazing! The community has a lot of updates not to mention that this has just started late June of this year. I am a witness of this job portal too for nurses. They regularly update for any job openings from different companies. Now I am glad to see that they are currently facilitating and opening the job portal for pharmacist too. This will boost the portals and could be an eye opener to have other portals be opened too if this will have a positive response just like with the nurses and...
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