3 ways healthcare professionals can halt the onset of digital dementia

3 ways healthcare professionals can halt the onset of digital dementia

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Using digital apps for all our daily needs may seem to be a convenient thing, but a heavy reliance on technology may affect our cognitive abilities - a situation known as 'digital dementia'.
24 Nov 2016 - General
Oh, I didn’t know there was a term coined for the deterioration of cognitive abilities due to using digital technology. Well, I guess our being overly reliant on digital technology really does have an effect on the brain and tends to make us have more difficulty in memorizing things, but I think it also depends on which apps/ technologies are used and how these are used. I believe that in some way, having more access to information can make us sharper, especially if we frequently apply the infor...
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The digital devices consist of mobiles, laptops, desktops, televisions, etc. Along with digital dementia they give rise to other problems. They may be a high source of radiation. The radiation may give rise to various tumours and cancers. In children, they may affect the growth both mental and physical.The digital apps also make us dependent on them , thus affecting our work capacity. Although it makes our life simple and convenient, it has affected our eyesight, cognitive abilities and led to ...
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I agree that there is such as thing as "digital dementia". Overreliance on gadgets for reminders on daily tasks can actually cause cognitive decline in memory. This is in conjunction with the theory of neuroplasticity wherein the brain itself adjusts its anatomy and functions depending on how it is being utilized. Underutilization of cognitive domains can cause a significant decrease in the density of synaptic connections leading to decline on cognitive function. Gadgets should be used...
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We are certainly living in the digital age and we almost rely ourselves simply to our gadget phones. From simple reminders, to alarm clocks, to directions on places we don't know using google maps and even with data we don't know about. I know that a lot of scientist had this fear that humans will soon develop this dementia due to overusage of technology. I myself have to admit whenever there are diagnosis or terminologies that are foreign and made me difficult to remember, I easily brow...
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