Dentists' important role in improving the elderly's dental health

Dentists' important role in improving the elderly's dental health

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The recent spotlight on the ageing population has highlighted many healthcare problems that the elderly face, which are not only purely medical, but also dental issues related to oral diseases like periodontal disease, xerostomia and oral cancer. What can dentists do to address the growing spread of these issues?
24 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Villages of India are still lacking of general physicians and major towns are only equipped with dentists with non operational procedure and for operational procedures people have to go some where, so the dental health in some what not considered in India. But these days are bit better and I am seeing many are coming up with their Medicine degree in Dental specialisation with whom I am expecting ...
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I agree that dentists take the central role of maintaining dental health in the community specially for the elderly people who are susceptible to dental problems. In our country, sadly, a lot of people lack the opportunity to seek dental consults. This goes for both children and adults. Im grateful to see dentists join medical and dental missions to provide free services and take part in educating the community about the importance of dental health. However, I think that senior citizens themselv...
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