Malaysia's audit report shows shortfalls in medicine storage, management and procurement

Malaysia's audit report shows shortfalls in medicine storage, management and procurement

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The management and storage of medicines at government health clinics are found to be less than satisfactory, while procurement issues also arose, with state-level Health Departments, Pharmacy Logistics Affairs Branches and District Health Offices now having limited authority in purchasing medicine.
24 Nov 2016 - General
HT WEE well said, from last two months I am seeing some issues in Malaysia like budget issues, fake medicines about which we have discussed in our earlier discussions. But MOH continuously working for patient benefits like improving budget and incorporating facilities to physicians. I hope MOH should vigorously workout on healthcare issues to provide best healthcare to public. Thanking you for your views on the t...
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All of this started from the failure to comply with planned preventive maintenance that trickled down to leaking air conditioning sets, inadequate storage rooms, and unsecure storage rooms. It is perplexing though as to how some boxes of medicines were left outside of storage rooms. The health department should look into this matter because medicines have to be stored in proper temperatures. It should be determined whether these medicines can still be used as some are totally heat labile. Anothe...
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It is quite shocking that the medicine storage in some places are not satisfactory. Proper, safe, and well-regulated storage and management of all medications is very important. Unlocked medicine storage rooms, backdoors left opened, cracked storage room, leaking air-conditioning system, and broken ceilings are really unsafe for storage of those medications. The medications can gone disappear with the unlocked storage room. Anyone can just walk into it and take it away !! This will lead to a l...
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