Why should doctors encourage online patient communities?

Why should doctors encourage online patient communities?

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Online patient communities are platforms that enable patients and healthcare professionals to connect and support one another. Used at the right time and place, online patient communities can be an extremely valuable resource for patients.
24 Nov 2016 - General
Online patient communities are a nice medium to address concerns about their conditions. It helps relieve anxiety especially for chronic cases. I agree with what Dr. Marinelle Castro has said that it is somewhat similar to support groups. The only difference is that support groups do not contain the opinion of healthcare professionals unless the doctor is also a patient. It is very helpful for patients to discuss...
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Online patient communities are akin to support groups. I was told by one of my patients that he joined a stroke survivor's group in Facebook. This convenient form of social interaction helped him cope with his disease. Prior to joining an online community, he was suffering from depression as a result of the disabilities that he developed from having a malignant stroke. However, he told me that joining an online patient community helped him overcome feelings of being isolated. In fact, I am h...
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This is a great and unique platform enabling the dessimination of information more easy. This is greatly beneficial to those who have their busy schedules and even people who live far away. This can cut their travel cost going to the physician seeking for medical advise. Also as being said, though there is a great percentage that the change of information might be misunderstood, if this being used properly this is very much helpful to each and everyone. However technology will never replace the ...
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I also support the online patient communities because these are a tremendous platform for a huge variety of healthcare professionals and patients. For an instant, the online community can have a various healthcare professional from different countries that will have different expertise and will help out the patient in more better way. To a certain extent, doctors can advise patients to join online patient communities as an additional means of support in helping them cope with their health issues...
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