Men’s Attitudes Towards Fatherhood Affects Child’s Later Behaviour

Men’s Attitudes Towards Fatherhood Affects Child’s Later Behaviour

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A new study suggests that a man’s attitudes towards fatherhood soon after his child’s birth as well as his feelings of security as a father and partner are more important than his involvement in childcare
24 Nov 2016 - General
I believe that both parents are equally important in child rearing, and each parent has a unique role in providing care and support from their sons. In fact there are certain mental health conditions that are postulated to be linked to lack of parental supervision. As an example, the development of substance-related disorders are correlated with lack of parental monitoring. Also there are some studies that link the lack of paternal figure to the development of gender identity disorder. In my opi...
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Hooray for fathers! Just kidding. Many will still argue that the findings of the study will be obsolete as most fathers are now involved in child rearing. I agree that the study is correct in the area where it discussed the importance of a man being secure with his role as a partner and a father. Children notice in detail how their parents behave and fathers are role models for both little boys and girls. For little boys, the father will lay the blueprint of how they should treat a woman and pr...
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