Why Do People Get 'Bags' Under Their Eyes?

Why Do People Get 'Bags' Under Their Eyes?

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Why do people get dark circles under their eyes?
24 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Thank you for sharing some of the most common causes of developing prominent bags under the eyes. Eye bags are an eyesore for those who are heavily invested with their appearance. Hydration is really something that I noticed to affect eyebags and so does eating salty food. The article failed to mention one notorious cause - smoking. Smoking causes the skin under the eyes to swell because it trigg...
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I agree that there is a strong genetic component when it comes to personal aesthetic characteristics. However, nobody can be spared from eyebags because this is an age-related progressive laxity in the periorbital skin. Some look worse than others because aside from genetics there other factors that can affect skin integrity. For example, if one is poorly hydrated, then the likelihood of having prominent eyebags is there. It is important to maintain hydrated and to make sure that one's skin ...
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Most of the aesthetic problems we encounter, such as eyebags, are genetic but this doesn't mean that there is nothing we could do to prevent it. A major culprit known to cause this is sleeping late. Usually this happens to most of us and we wake up with our eyebags amost conquering our faces. In my experience, if sleeping late is unavoidable do to work, applying cold compress around my eyes help minimize dark circles and baggy eyes in the morning. For the MIMS Community, can you share with u...
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