A New Drug That Could Help Prevent Asthma And Allergic Conditions

A New Drug That Could Help Prevent Asthma And Allergic Conditions

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An Australian Nobel Prize-winning scientist is developing a drug to counter allergies and asthma, a statement said on Friday. Still in its initial stage the the drug can be taken as tablets, capsules, liquids or powder,
25 Nov 2016 - General
Immbalance sounds promising. It is really awe-inspiring for Barry Marshall to continue to strive after already winning a Nobel Prize. The best part of it is that his study was the precursor to the new drug. By understanding the pathologic effects that Helicobacter pylori brings to the body, he conceptualized its potenital use as an immunosuppressant that can bring overreactive immune complexes to normalcy. Currently, our treatment options are steroids and antihistamines with all the different ge...
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It would be great if the article included the links to the research study so that we can make a scientific judgment if the product is indeed plausible. Of course it is very attractive that this upcoming new form of treatment can come in several formulations, which are very convenient for kids. However, I would have to say that scientists have spent a lot of time and effort in researching ways to treat both conditions. However, most treatments lack specificity, which can have unwanted side effect...
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