Low social status 'can damage immune system' - BBC News

Low social status 'can damage immune system' - BBC News

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Being bottom of the social heap alters the immune system and can damage health, study concludes.
25 Nov 2016 - General
I agree with you Marinelle Castro that poor people may have strong immunity due to more exposure to microbes and as a result they have less chances to develop diseases. In my views they may have low risk for infectious diseases but they may have more risk for other diseases that have genetic background and food related diseases like vital nutrient deficiencies. It is also a fact that poor people have low dietary ...
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What grabbed my attention in this topic at first is how the scientists used monkeys to study the impact of low social status on their immune system. Isolating individuals, depriving them from fulfilling their basic social and biological needs have been proved to cause harmful health effects. The continuous exposure to stress leads to increased inflammatory mediators that increase the biological stress in return resulting in a toxic vicious circle. Eventually, all of this leads to the decrease of...
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Habiba Twakkol I agree that access to quality food has a role in the development of the disease. In fact, there has been studies that associated poor access to good food quality to the development of obesity and chronic disease. In the United States, studies have shown that improverished communities are more likely to eat food from fastfood restaurants or convenience stores. Apart from being convenient, these foo...
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Marinelle Castro thank you for sharing this article to be discussed,as you said it is hard to correlate immunity to socio-economical factors as immunity is influenced by many factors like age,hereditary and gender.
I think low socio-economic people also vulnerable to catch disease also because they don't find the good quality of food and they also may not able to pay for their treatment.
If they catch...
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This is an interesting study. There had been a long-standing belief that people coming from the low socio-economic status have stronger immunity because of the assumption that they have developed more antibodies because they have been exposed to a number of microbes because of poor living conditions. In terms of lifestyle and behavior, there is evidence that poorer communities in the United States have increased rates of obsesity, hypertension, and even diabetes. However, the strength of correla...
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