Post-Thanksgiving Food Coma? Blame Salt And Protein.

Post-Thanksgiving Food Coma? Blame Salt And Protein.

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There's more to the story than just overeating.
25 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Thank you for sharing your thoughts and information about insulin being used for psychosis previously. I really have reservations about the findings because a.) anatomy of insects and mammals are strikingly different (we don't use insects for pharmacologic trials) b.) fruit flies are used to consuming sugary food - they feed on sugar from decaying fruit and liquor to live and it would not be ...
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I agree that there is really a question if a study on fruit flies can be applicable to humans. More studies should be made to find out if salt/ protein content affects drowsiness. I also think that its more scientifically plausible that food "coma" occurs after consumption of food that is high in sugar because it causes a sudden insulin surge that can cause drowsiness. Remember that in the past, insulin was a treatment for psychosis, and the mechanism of which was to induce coma - howe...
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Interesting topic. Although I am not entirely sure if this fruit fly study presented in this article can be generalized for humans as well. In my own personal experience, if I eat too much salty food or those rich in protein, I end up feeling bloated because as we know, sodium causes water retention. However, I don't feel sleepy as what has been stated in this article. On the hand, when I indulge in too much sweets, my sugar level shoots up and I tend to be hyperactive for a while then my en...
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