Post-Thanksgiving Food Coma? Blame Salt And Protein.

Post-Thanksgiving Food Coma? Blame Salt And Protein.

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There's more to the story than just overeating.
25 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Thank you for sharing your thoughts and information about insulin being used for psychosis previously. I really have reservations about the findings because a.) anatomy of ...
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I agree that there is really a question if a study on fruit flies can be applicable to humans. More studies should be made to find out if salt/ protein content affects drowsiness. I also think that its more scientifically plausible that food "co...
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Interesting topic. Although I am not entirely sure if this fruit fly study presented in this article can be generalized for humans as well. In my own personal experience, if I eat too much salty food or those rich in protein, I end up feeling bloated...
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